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New Farm Park Rotunda Weddings

Brisbane Wedding Decorators are Brisbane's specialists for creating New Farm Park Rotunda wedding set ups. With a wealth of experience in styling this popular Brisbane ceremony location, we have custom made draping and items designed specifically for this spacious rotunda.

We love our white americana chairs on the wooden flooring and we love finishing our ceremony set ups with our signature chandelier which compliments the elegance of the rotunda. 


Traditional Ceremony Configuration



New_Farm_Park_Wedding_Decoration.jpgOur all white 'Beautiful Rotunda' ceremony decor package with our white signature chandelier in traditional configuration as captured by White Acre Photography.


You make like to consider booking the rotunda for your post wedding cocktial hour refreshments, and wet weather option and have your ceremony take place beneath the gorgeous huge old tree beside the rotunda, also a great option for those with a large number of guests attending.




Tree backdrop to the left side of the rotunda Ceremony Configuration

For a true New Farm Park backdrop making the most of some of the parks gorgeous large old trees, the backdrop can be set up to be at the left side of the rotunda.

We created this beautiful native greenery arrangement to effectively bring the outdoors inside. This arrangement later doubled as a beautiful floral feature on the bridal table at the reception.


You may also spot our cocktail hour bar tables and stools which were a huge hit with the guests who enjoyed a few celebratory glasses of champange after the ceremony concluded.


Floral Wreath Circular Ceremony Configuration

For a romantic floral setting, you can both stand within a fresh floral wreath in the shape of a circle or even a love heart, surrounded by loved ones as you say your your vows and tie the knot.

The floral wreath can also double as reception decor, and after the ceremony it can be hung behind the bridal party table, or it can be made as a flexible structure which can be shaped as a heart, or it can run along the top of the bridal party table. We love getting creative, if you have some ideas in mind, we can't wait to hear from you.




Semi Circular Ceremony Configuration

For an intimate setting, there is the option of having each side of the wedding aisle as semi circles. This also works perfectly with the built in benches around the edge of the New Farm Park Rotunda, providing a second row of seating for guests.

We suggest 30-40 guest chairs for this set up.




Inward Facing Ceremony Configuration

Similar to the above, by having each side of the wedding aisle facing inwards will instantly double the number of guests with a front row seat and gives everyone a really great view of your ceremony. Plus they can really enjoy witnessing your arrival and departure back down the aisle.



















Front of Rotunda Ceremony Configuration

Another way to set up your ceremony as New Farm Park Rotunda is with the guests seated outside and the happy couple on the top of the steps as they marry. Not recommended in the summer as the heat might be too much for the guests outside without shade. 


Sunset Ceremony Rotunda Option

When booking the New Farm Park Rotunda through the council, you have the option of also booking power (which means you get the key to access power in the rotunda.) This can be used to create a sunset ceremony, as the sun goes down the rotunda lights up and looks absolutely magical!

Or if you are heading off for your wedding photos, your guests can stay to enjoy drinks and canapes and we can provide the perfect cocktail hour furniture exactly for that!




If you have picked the New Farm Park Rotunda for your wedding, we would love to hear from you to discuss the many options available to you, to make your ceremony decor truly yours. Check out our 'Beautiful Rotunda' wedding ceremony package in our packages and pricing and contact us to confirm availability.


New Farm Park Rotunda

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