New Farm Park Rotunda Weddings

Brisbane Wedding Decorators are Brisbane's specialists for creating New Farm Park Rotunda wedding set ups. With a wealth of experience in styling this highly sought after Brisbane wedding ceremony location, we have custom designed ceremony packages specifically to compliment the elegance of this spacious rotunda.

With a variety of options for the layout of your ceremony, our fresh white americana chairs or white tiffant chairs on the wooden floor boards look stunning.

From circular ceremony settings with fresh floral wreaths to aisle pillars with fresh florals at the entry of New Farm Rotunda, we encourage you to scroll through the many settings we have created for ideas and inspiration for your New Farm Park Rotunda wedding ceremony.



Traditional Ceremony Configuration

With chairs facing towards the river, pictured here with fresh greenery filled aisle pillars in the backdrop and also with fresh floral aisle pillars.






Our 'Beautiful Rotunda' ceremony decor package can also be set up with the aisle pillars at the entry of the rotunda, fresh florals are available in your choice of colours.



Circular Floral Wreaths

Custom made with fresh florals in your choice of colour, if you love the modern concept of standing within a fresh floral wreath as you share vows and say 'I Do', this could be the setting for you.

New Farm Park Rotunda is the perfect location for a floral wreath or circular ceremony setup. Pictured below are a variety of floral wreath options   

Circular Wreath - Traditional Configruration

Pictured below with and with out our white wedding aisle.



Circular_Wreath_wedding_ceremony_styling.jpgCircular Wreath - Semi Circle Chairs



New_Farm_Wedding_chair_hire.jpgAisle pillars with fresh florals can be added to this setting to create a grand entrance. For an intimate setting, there is the option of having two sides of wedding chairs in a semi circles. This also works perfectly with the built in benches around the edge of the New Farm Park Rotunda, providing a second row of seating for guests.  New_Farm_Park_Wedding_set_up.jpg

Brisbane Wedding Decorators slim wedding aisle pillars with fresh greenery can be placed in the backdrop to assist with screening out parked cars. 


Add the extra wow factor to your ceremony with our generously sized large 2.5m circular floral wreath, let us know your wedding style and colour palette and we'll get a quote to you. New_Farm_Park_Circular_Wedding_setup.jpgwedding_ceremony_set_up_New_Farm_Park2.jpg


Wedding_arbour_New_Farm_Park_Rotunda.jpgWedding_arbour_flowers_Brisbane.jpgPictured above is our grand elegant arbour with a fresh floral arrangement.

We can even get the rotunda benches looking cosy and inviting for your guests. New_Farm_Park_Rotunda_wedding_seating.jpg

This couple added our chilled aqua bar upgraded to our hair pin style wooden table. Wedding_drinks4.jpg  

Red and White Floral Wreath red_circular_wreath.jpg

Native Australian Floral Wreath



Circular Purple Floral Wreath New_Farm_Park_Rotunda_Wedding_Flowers.jpg  

New_Farm_Park_Rotunda_Wedding_Florals.jpg  Tree backdrop to the left side of rotunda

Making the most of the New Farm Parks gorgeous old trees, the backdrop can be set up at the left side of the rotunda.

We created this beautiful native greenery arrangement to effectively bring the outdoors inside. This arrangement later doubled as a beautiful floral feature on the bridal table at the reception.


You may also like to consider adding our cocktail hour bar tables and stools which are always a huge hit with the guests for enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne after the ceremony concludes.

Inward Facing Ceremony Configuration

By having each side of the wedding aisle facing inwards, this instantly doubles the number of guests with a front row seat, giving all your guests a really great view of your ceremony, arrival and your exit as newylweds. New_Farm_Park_circular_wedding_decor.JPG  


Front of Rotunda Ceremony Configuration

Another way to set up your ceremony as New Farm Park Rotunda is with the guests seated outside and the happy couple on the top of the steps as they marry. This also works well with placing the wedding aisle on the path at the front of the rotunda, with guest chairs on either side of the aisle.


Image by J.Quinta Photography

Cocktail Hour Rotunda Option

If you are heading off for your wedding photos, your guests can stay to enjoy drinks and canapes on our modern tolix style bar tables and stools, the perfect cocktail hour furniture! 

We can also provide metal ice tins filld with ice ready for you to BYO celebratory champagne. 
cocktail_wedding_New_Farm_Park.jpg  wedding_ceremony_decor_styling_Brisbane.jpgPink_wedding_drinks.jpgwedding_drinks_New_Farm_Park.jpgwedding_drinks_New_Farm_Park_rotunda.jpgWedding_drinks.jpg

Tree Weddings in New Farm Park 

You make like to consider booking the New Farm Park rotunda for your post wedding cocktial hour refreshments and wet weather back up and have your ceremony take place beneath the gorgeous huge old tree beside the rotunda, also a great option for those with a large number of guests attending.   

Endless Love Deluxe Ceremony Package


Modified Pure Love Ceremony Package

Rose gold wedding ceremony styling at New Farm Park Rotunda

If your wedding style and colour includes rose gold, here is some rose gold wedding decor inspiration from our couples weddings.


rose_gold_wedding_details.jpgRose_gold_wedding_draping.jpgRose_gold_wedding_decor.jpgIf you love the idea of you have decided on the New Farm Park Rotunda for your wedding, we would love to hear from you to discuss the many options available to you, to make your ceremony decor truly yours.  

Our simple and classic Pure Love ceremony decor package

With upgrade to mason jars with fresh floral arrnagaments on wedding aisle chairs. 


Our 'Beautiful Rotunda' ceremony decor package

With Austalian Native Flower arrangements in aisle pillars





Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate preparing to perform a wedding at New Farm Park Rotunda.

Beautifully bright and colourful wedding with fresh floral arrangements on New Farm Rotunda and a custom made wedding welcome sign.



Check out our 'Beautiful Rotunda' wedding ceremony package in our packages and pricing and contact us to confirm availability.

Floral Wreath Wedding at New Farm Rotunda

We loved creating this ceremony set up with a neutral colour palette of ivory and fresh greenery with an emphasis on Australian native gum leaves.


Our aisle pillars were placed at the back of the rotunda and filled with fresh greenery arrangements, creating a beautiful backdrop that blends with the surrounding park, and also screening out parked cars for the wedding photos.


The couple enjoyed our refreshing drinks bar, styled with additional greenery arrangements and upgraded to our stylish hairpin serving table.

The mojito mocktail station complimenting the colour of the floral arrangements and was a huge hit with the guests.


A circle of fresh florals was created for the couple to stand within as they shared vows and were pronounced as married.


Photo credit: Lightsmith Images

A Copper & Greenery Styled Wedding at New Farm Rotunda

Brisbane Wedding Decorators loved creating this New Farm Park Rotunda Wedding ceremony setting with copper and greenery decor.

The New Farm Park Rotunda offers so much versatility and we can work with your wedding colours and style to create a truly unique setting to compliment the style of your special day.


The happy newlyweds opted for our 'Beautiful Rotunda' package, specifically designed for rotunda weddings, and to compliment their theme we created a copper wire chandelier decorated with trailing ivy and greenery, which teamed perfectly with the fresh ivy on the draping and the unstructured greenery arrangements in copper vases lining the aisle.





If you are planning a New Farm Park wedding, we would love to create your ceremony set up for your special day. Contact us now to discuss your ceremony decor and request a quote.


Tree Weding at New Farm Park Rotunda

The Brisbane Wedding Decorators team loved styling this gorgeous huge old tree wedding at New Farm Park.

We were so happy to receive the following 5 star review on our Brisbane Wedding Decorators Facebook page from the happy newlyweds:

"Thank you again for being so easy to work with and for making our ceremony look so special and natural, you really set the tone for our wedding which was a very relaxed and romantic day, and even though we moved the ceremony from the rotunda as planned, to under a tree just a few days before the wedding to accomodate the number of guests attending, you still managed to exceed my expectations with how amazing everything looked.

I can't thank you enough." Amanda x

Please note while bookings can be made to use this area for your wedding, Brisbane City Council no longer permit the use of draping or other otems to be hung from trees at New Farm Park.


The sweet couple originally planned to have their ceremony in the New Farm Park Rotunda, however following an unexpected number of acceptances to their wedding invitations, they realised even the well sized rotunda wouldn't comfortably fit all their guests, so we got creative and moved their ceremony to the gorgeous huge old tree beside the rotunda.

The rotunda booking was still great to have in place just in case of rain, and also for the live music to be based. With it's shade and shelter, it can also make a great spot for post ceremony drinks and nibbles.

We created a cermeony backdrop using draping to frame the couple and we provided a stunning sweet smelling rose petal aisle.


Single columbian rose stems were hung from our chic americana guest chairs, lining the wedding aisle.


We think there's something super romantic about rose petal wedding aisle's, however many of our brides opt for a rose petal aisle so they don't have to worry about them or anyone else (like Dad) tripping on the aisle!

Our 'pick a seat not a side' sign is always a hit with the guests so they know they can sit where they wish without any confusion.


We love that the couples dogs joined them for the ceremony! New Farm Park is a great choice of ceremony venue for dog friendly weddings.

We absolutely ADORE the happiness captured in this shot. Rose petal cones are a must for the ultimate confetti shot as is a great photographer. Special mention to When Elephant Met Zebra who did an incredible job capturing all the beautiful details and magical moments.


Contact Brisbane Wedding Decorators to plan your New Farm Park Rotunda wedding.

Jacaranda Wedding

We loved creating this jacaranda themed wedding inspired by the lilac colour of the surrounding blooming jacarandas trees.





Jacaranda blooms were added to rose petals in shades of purple to create a thick and luxurious rose petal and jacaranda wedding aisle.

We provided lilac coloured rose heads in glass globes in place of our chandelier and a lilac coloured floral arrnagement to perfectly frame the happy couple as they exchanged vows in their lilac themed New Farm Park Rotunda wedding.

Images courtesy of Brisbane City Celebrants

Contact Brisbane Wedding Decorators to plan your New Farm Park Rotunda wedding.

Tree Wedding with Arch

Another option for styling your wedding at New Farm Park, beneath the huge old tree beside the rotunda, is with our wedding arch as pictured here with an upgrade to our rose petal aisle and fresh floral arrnagements on aisle chairs.




Contact Brisbane Wedding Decorators to plan your New Farm Park Rotunda wedding.

New Farm Park - Powerhouse View

This river front designated booking site is located beside the Powerhouse building in New Farm Park. All New Farm Parks designated sites can be booked through Brisbane City Council.



New Farm Park - River View

Pictured here are a variety of wedding ceremony settings so you can see how each looks with the river backdrop.

Contact us to confirm availability for your special day.


Ferry View - New Farm Park

On the banks of the Brisbane river, close to the ferry terminal is the Ferry View site that can be reserved through Brisbane City Council.

This couple opted for our contemporary white circular wedding arbour, contrasted with the stunning backdrop of a huge old tree and we just love how this all came together!


The following images were captured by Cloudcatcher Studio.

Recommended_wedding_ceremony_decor_hire_Brisbane.jpgBrisbane_wedding_arbour_hire.jpgNew_farm_wedding_ceremony_Brisbane_28.jpgwedding_ceremony_decor_hire_Brisbane.jpgNew_farm_wedding_ceremony_Brisbane_33.jpgAs specialists for creating wedding ceremony set ups at New Farm Park we would love to hear from you. Contact us now toonfirm availability for your special day and let's start planning your New Farm Park wedding decor.


Packages and Pricing

How do I book?

Contact us with your wedding date, location and ceremony time and we look forward to confirming availability for your special day.


New Farm Park Rotunda Booking Tips

How do I book New Farm Park Rotunda for my wedding?

Rotunda booking requests can be made via the online form on the Brisbane City Council website.

What times should I book the rotunda between for a 3pm ceremony and how much time do Brsbane Wedding Decorators require for setting up?

Brisbane City Council accept bookings from a minimum of 2 hours, so for example for a 3pm ceremony, please book the rotunda from 1.30pm - 4pm. 

This allows the Brisbane Wedding Decorators 1 hour to unload and set up all equipment (1.30pm - 2.30pm) so everything looks perfect, and the guest get the full wow factor from the moment they begin arriving from 2.30pm.

Providing there are no bookings after yours, the council advise you and your guests can stay in the area as long as they like. 

If you are planning on having onsite cocktail hour with refreshing celebratory drinks and nibbles after the ceremony, we suggest booking the rotunda for an additional hour or so.

Just prior to your booking start time, council park staff will clean the rotunda, which includes removing gum and moping the floor.

If possible we suggest visiting the rotunda 2 weeks prior to your wedding to see if any maintenance needs addressing (e.g. if a step or wooden panel is damaged). You can report any maintenance concerns to the Park Bookings team (who issiued your booking) who will be happy to address any maintenance concerns where possible. 

Do I need to add power to my New Farm Park Rotunda booking?

If you are unsure if you should be paying the additional fee for access to power at New Farm Park Rotunda, then it's worth being aware that most Celebrants have a battery operated PA System that doesn’t require mains power.

For example, recommended Marriage Celebrant Jamie Eastgate has a high end MiPro PA System that is battery operated and doesn't require access to mains power and can even be utilised for playing your ceremony music through. 

We find most couples usually only require access to power if they are having live music for their musicians AMP's, or for a popcorn or candy flosss machine to be powered.

If your Celebrant doesn't require access to power, not only will this save you paying the additional fee for this, but it will also save you from having to collect the key from the council office, the business day before your wedding and drop it off the first business day after - let's face it, with all your nearest and dearest in town, there are plenty of way better things you could be doing on those days! 

How many chairs can fit inside the rotunda?

While 40 guest chairs can comfortably fit inside the New Farm Park Rotunda, still leaving space for standing guests, the council recently updated the conditions of use of the rotunda to allow a maximum of 10 chairs inside. 

As the council are currently only permitting a maximum of 10 chairs to be placed within the New Farm Park Rotunda, for couples with a generous number of guests that you would like to provide seats for, we suggest for the ceremony that the couple stands at the entrance of the rotunda on the steps, with the chairs placed outside on either side of the footpath, or that your ceremony takes place beneath the nearby large old tree.

Brisbane Wedding Decorators are Brisbane's leading Stylists for New Farm Park Rotunda wedding settings.

Contact us with your wedding date, location and ceremony time and we look forward to confirming availability for your special day.