Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha Proposal

It was such an honour to create the beautiful setting for this super sweet couples Brisbane proposal on a sunny afternoon at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Jeffrey knew he wanted to make the proposal extra special for his gorgeous girl, so he planned a little scavenger hunt style game which led to this stunning moment with him popping the question and without hesitation she said "YES!"


Jeffrey began the special proposal by leaving a message for her surrounded by fresh rose petals in the shape of hearts with a little puzzle at home for her to solve, after which she received her next clue and was instructed that she would be picked up at a set time. She was also instructed not to make any contact with him which added to the inquisitiveness!

Expecting Jeffrey to be at her door ready to collect her, Hantao was very surprised to find a stretch limo waiting outside ready to escort her to an unknown location. She was given a glass of French champagne and she sat in the spacious limo headed to an unknown location.

The limo arrived at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Jeffrey picked this location as it's a place they have often visited together and share many happy memories strolling through the lush gardens.

Unbeknown to Hantao, Jeffrey had also arranged for a professional photographer Leanne from Brischetto Photography to discreetly capture her arrive (he had instructed that the photographer remain hidden, so Leanne posed as a tourist while secretly playing paparazzi as she exited the limo).

On exiting the limo, Hantao was presented with her final clue, to meet Jeffrey at the jetty.


She began to make her way down the path, a little unsure where to go, she stopped and of all the people to ask for directions, she picked our secret photographer who was trying to be as discreet as possible as she documented Hantao making her way to Jeffrey!


She followed the path around the lake and spotted a nervous Jeffrey surrounded stood alone on the jetty. She looked amazed as she made her way down the walk way with a a generous sprinkling of brightly coloured rose petals, lined with fresh flowers and peonies on shepherd hooks.




As she made her way in to his arms, he told her how he feels and why he is so in love with her then he dropped to one knee and popped the question!



As he placed the most beautiful sparkly ring on her finger there was simultaneous cheers and applause from a few picnicers in the park that witnessed the special moment unfold.


Leanne the photographer captured it all without Hantao even realising she was there! I love this reaction when she realise that the person she had asked for directions was actually there to shoot her proposal, and I love how extremely happy they both are!


After the proposal took place the celebrations commenced. We created an opulent setting with luxe ghost chairs and a sparkling gold tablecloth surrounded by an abundance of fresh flowers. We added gold charger plates for the cute little cupcakes that Jeffrey brought along. They cracked open the Moet and grinned from ear to ear as they took in the beauty of the moment.


Hantao was amazed that Jeffrey had pulled off such a thoughtful and beautiful surprise proposal and to have every special moment captured by a professional photographer was the icing on the cake!





After they had enjoyed some time alone to soak it all on, the photographer extended the shoot to double as an engagement photo shoot and captured some gorgeous shots of all the pretty little details and the freshly engaged couple enjoying Brisbanes beautiful botanical gardens.










Congratulations to the happy couple on your engagement and thank you for choosing Brisbane Wedding Decorators to style your Brisbane proposal.